Linda Stone, CEO & President
Linda Stone was born in the Philippines and came to the United States in her early 20’s with a graduate degree in education to start her teaching career. As things turned out, she ended up taking a job with the phone company. They noticed she was good with numbers and gave her an opportunity to get computer training. Her timing was good, since computers were revolutionizing business and things were changing quickly. After working with several Fortune 500 companies, Linda founded her own Information Technology (IT) company and eventually specialized in IT staffing. The company grew rapidly during the 1990’s as large, Fortune 500 companies were added to the client list.

In 1997, a diagnosis of cancer and major surgery placed Linda in a position to experience first-hand the significant role nurses play in the recovery process. She also noticed that nurses were often under a great amount of stress and appeared to be overworked. During her recuperation, she had an epiphany and she saw an opportunity to use her business skills and experience to help benefit nurses, hospitals and the patients they both cared about. In 2000, Linda founded 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services to help patients receive the care they needed and to help healthcare providers meet patients’ needs. She recognized there were times when healthcare organizations required supplemental staff on a flexible, as-needed basis. 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services is now an award-winning, leading supplier of specialty nurses serving a number of major hospitals in California.

Linda has completed executive management programs at the Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth and the Anderson School of Management, UCLA. She has won a number of business awards based on the success of her companies. As a serial entrepreneur, she now oversees three companies that she has founded, including 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services.

Darryl Stone, CFO
Darryl Stone has done much to keep 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services financially sound. As Chief Financial Officer, he has made a career of developing and providing the right financial tools to keep businesses successful and growing. He attributes his work ethic to the days of his youth on the family farm in Alberta, Canada.

“Growing up in the cold winters of Alberta, I learned self-reliance and perseverance. When you take a tractor out to the field, you are on your own. If something goes wrong, you have to have your tools to fix it. You can’t call somebody.”

Darryl graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Mathematics. His first job was working as a computer programmer for Alberta Government Telephone. After taking a series of advanced computer courses at IBM, he accepted a position with Boeing in Seattle, Washington, where he conducted maintenance data analysis on 727, 737 and 747 aircraft. He subsequently received an opportunity to work for Rockwell International in California, where he met Linda Reyes. Eventually, they worked together in the 1980’s, merged their separate businesses, and grew APR Consulting, an IT staffing company. Linda was the face of the company and handled sales, marketing and service delivery. Darryl took charge of finance, accounting, taxes, risk management, and compliance. The team was so successful, they married a few years after merging their businesses and continue to work as a successful executive team.

Darryl credits their success to experience and having the right tools, ethics, and perseverance. He is proud of what 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services has become and looks forward to the future, citing that, “We are in a growing field that needs us.”

Myrna Lavapie, Vice President, Sales & Client Delivery
Myrna Lavapie has been with 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services for over 10 years ago. She began as an Assistant to the CEO Linda Stone, and became an invaluable member of the team that developed 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services from a startup to a viable, growing healthcare staffing company. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Myrna played many roles at 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services. She was instrumental in acquiring key clients and delivering a level of service quality that kept clients coming back for more. Myrna continues to hire and train new staff to meet client’s needs and keep the company growing. Besides a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Myrna has completed a certificate program focused on the management of privately-held businesses at UCLA Anderson School of Management.